Launch P-Cutter modal by clicking ‘Draw’ from the P-Cutter Pie Menu(Shift+Q)

Drawing Phase



Draw rectangle shapes. Hold down ALT to draw from the center.Hold down shift to use snapping and draw square.



Draw Circles.Use Mouse wheel while drawing to change the resolution.



Draw custom polygon shapes.



Switch between Strip and Mesh shapes using the ‘A’ key.



Hold down CTRL while hovering over a face to place the grid on that face.


Place Grid

If you dont want to use the grid as a reference and dont want to snap to the points you can toggle “Hold Grid” using ‘P’ Key so the grid wont disappear if you release CTRL key. You can place the grid on any other face by simply hovering over that face and pressing CTRL key.


Grid Types

Two type of grids are available which can be set in the preferences. You can also toggle between the two using G key.


Inset Points:

Insets are showen to help you draw precisely along the edges. You can increase the Inset amount by pressing I and decrease by holding ALT while pressing. Inset_Points

Resize and Subdivide

The Grid can be resized using the up and down arrow keys. Or by scrolling the mouse wheel up and down while holding down the CTRL key.Grid subdivision levels can be changed using the S key.Press S to increase subdivision level.Hold down Alt while pressing S to decrease subdivision level.



Grid can be rotated using the ‘R’ key. To rotate in the oposite direction hold down the ALT key while pressing ‘R’. To rotate by smaller increments hold down the SHIFT key.


Align View to Grid

Press U to align view to Grid.


Align Grid To View

Press V to toggle View Alignment mode. Grid will be aligned with the view and will be placed near the active object.If there is no active object you wont be able to draw(as the grid needs some object to decide its location) in this case you can simply hover over any object and press CTRL to use that object. To reposition the grid to a new location and angle just hold down ctrl(or just click CTRL if Place Grid is ON)


Align To Edge

Before using Align to Edge you need to place the grid once by hovering over any face and pressing CTRL.


Align the grid rotation to any edge by Holding down Alt and right clicking near the edge.A White line will be placed on the edge to highlight that it is active.


Align grid location to an edge (or multiple edges) by holding down SHIFT and ALT and right clicking near the edge.All edges will be highlighted with green and grid will be placed at the center of all the edges.


To Normal:

Align Grid to Edge Normal(White Line) by pressing Y.



Press SHIFT+E to disable edge alignment.


Angle Snapping

Use angle snapping by holding down SHIFT while drawing. Press Q to increase the snapping angle or hold down ALT while pressing to decrease it. You can toggle between snapping to the Grid angle and the last segment using T.Angle_Snapping

Intersect Snapping

Use Intersect snapping by holding down ALT while drawing. Segment’s endpoint will snap to the intersection point of Red Lines or any other segment of the polygon. When combined with angle snapping it can be used to quickly draw precise shapes.Intersect_Snapping


Press Z to remove the last vertex from the drawing. Press Spacebar to clear the shape

Cutting Phase

Booleans Modes:

U : Union

Press U to change the boolean mode to Union Union_Mode

D : Difference

Press D to change the boolean mode to Difference Difference_Mode

I : Intersect

Press I to change the boolean mode to Intersect Intersect_Mode

S : Slice

Press S to change the boolean mode to Slice Slice_mode

C : Inset

Press C to change the boolean mode to Inset Inset_Mode

Shape Adjustments:


Press T to adjust the thickness/depth of the shape.

Vertex Bevel

Press V to add a vertex bevel to the shape.


Press B to add an edge bevel to the shape.

New Bevel

Hold down CTRL and press B to add a new bevel after the boolean modifier.



Press X,Y or Z to add a mirror along that axis. By default the mirror object is set to the object being operated on. You can change the mirror object to the cutter itself by pressing O. Hold ALT while pressing X, Y or Z to flip that mirror axis.


Mirror(Object vs Self):



Linear Array

Press E to add a linear array to the cutter. Press X,Y or Z to change the array axis. Scroll mouse wheel up or down to increase or decrease the array count.Move your mouse left or right to change the array offset.


Linear Array from Middle

To add an array from the middle first you have to add a mirror with object set to cutter(self) then add the array by pressing E. Use the same axis for array as you used for the mirror.


Radial Array

Press R to add a radial array. Scroll mouse wheel up or down to increase or decrease the array count.Move your mouse left or right to change the radius.

Press Q to change the array center(Draw Location/Grid Center).


Press F to change the array axis


Fast Cutter Mode

Hold down CTRL while clicking the Draw button to enter the fast mode of P-Cutter. It will automatically enter the orthographic view. And you can start drawing cutters right away. All cutters you draw will go straight through your mesh and you can instantly draw your next cutter without having to restart P-Cutter. FastCutter

Cutters Recall

Press ALT+X to bring up the list of available cutters. Hover over any name to unhide that cutter.Click on any name to enter back into the P-Cutter modal(or enter edit mode if cutter is destructive(modifiers applied)) and make changes. Press A while hovering over any name to apply that cutter modifier. Or Press X to delete that cutter.


You can also press ALT+V to quickly recall the last cutter.

Boolean cleanup

Merge Nearby Vertices

Merge nearby vertices with the selected vertices.


Slide Nearby Vertices

Slide nearby vertices away from the selection.


Clean Booleans

It is a combination of Merge Nearby Vertices and Slide Nearby Vertices. With V3.0 you don’t even have to select the whole edge loop, you can simply select one single edge and the addon will automatically select the loop for you.