• PolyHaven HDRI Library (ALT+N)

  • Advanced ‘RT_World’ Node for HDRIs

  • Fast Cutter mode for P-Cutter

  • New Master Pie Menu

  • Complete Japanese Translation

  • Shortcut Keys under RanTools Preferences

  • Option to use Pie menu for Favorite Modifier Presets (Enable Under RanTools Preferences>Modifier Presets )

  • Remesh using dice in Edit Mode and limit the effect to only the selected faces

  • Option to Adjust Circle segments after the drawing ( Enable under P-Cutter Preferences of RanTools)

  • Option to disable the last shape remembering behavior of P-Cutter.

  • Ability to change the Font Size of the on-screen UI.

  • Added manual for all operators (Press F1 while hovering over an operator)

  • New Help Section in N-Panel.

  • Option to see the final shape while using snapping(On by default. Return to the old behavior by unchecking show final (snapped) shape while using Snapping’ under P-cutter Preferences).

  • Ability to select objects with selected material

  • Material Library now supports marking downloaded materials as assets

  • Setup Materials can now mark all created materials as an asset

  • New Edges pie menu in Edit Mode

  • ID Map Baking for Bake Tools.

  • Ability to bake multiple objects to one single texture

  • Much faster baking when baking multiple objects simultaneously.

  • Shoot Through the mesh for booleans(Key: F1)

  • Faster Boolean Cleanups with auto loop select

  • Better Dice Remeshing

  • Cloth Remesh and Simulation are split into 2 parts now.

  • P-Cutter Grid can be rotated on all axes.(Press ‘`’ to change the axis)


  • Option to align the grid to any vertex normal

  • Ability to mirror a cutter across a face.

  • Synchronized modifiers integration.

  • Quick Modifier Adjust Panel redesign.

  • New RanTools Project Settings to help manage your projects.

  • Preferences UI redesign.

  • Check for updates in the Preferences.

  • Ability to disable/enable any of the panels.

  • Auto Save and load of preferences after every install.

  • Use custom checker texture for Add UV Grid option.

  • Set bake margins for Bake Tools in the preferences(for export to other software like UE)

  • Change Boolean Solver in the cutters Recall list.

  • Dicing fix for Blender v2.93.5

  • Groups can now be named in the lower-left panel right after creating.


  • New Material Library.

  • New node mix menu.

  • Option to add a new bevel modifier after the boolean in P-Cutter.

  • New favorite modifier presets menu.

  • Improved modifier adjust modal.

  • Backups are now more organized.

  • Ability to use other objects (instead of backup versions) for transferring normals and fixing shading artifacts.

  • Focus Scroll has been replaced with a much easier-to-use Focus Picker.

  • There is now a new button to paste the copied color to all the lights of a group.

  • Ability to clear split normals data.


  • Advanced edge alignment

  • More Grid customization

  • Cutters Recall

  • Separation adjustment in the curve modal


  • New curve adjustment modal.

  • Ability to add Caps to curves/wires

  • Improved UI

  • 2 New Modifier Presets


  • Fixed the issue with P-Cutter where aligning to the view without anyactive object led to a crash.

  • Extract faces modal now allows the user to select disconnected faces.

  • Added a new ‘Extract faces from solid objects only’ option to preferences.

  • Information tooltip now follows the cursor on movement.


  • Fixed P-Cutter’s interaction with hidden objects (in local view).

  • Added ‘Align Normals to Axis’ feature.

  • Integrated other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • New ‘Extract>Inset>P-Cutter’ function that combines Extract Faces, Inset rink, and P-Cutter into a single modal.

  • Fixed a typo in the preferences.

  • Integrated other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Improved the design of the onscreen help, by adding proper alignments and visual cues on key presses.

  • You may now hold CTRL to change values faster with larger increments.

  • Empties associated with cables are now set to always be in front, so they don’t disappear within the cable.

  • Added a toggle to change the default behavior of the ‘Keep shape’.


  • Changed the add folder hint to a more general “Choose Path”.

  • P-Cutter now remembers the last shape used for drawing.

  • Removed redundant button from the RanTools menu.

  • Added a visibility toggle option to the modifier adjust panel for boolean objects.